Welcome to the website for Brindishe Schools. There are three Brindishe Schools. One school is in Lee Green and known as Brindishe Lee.Two schools are in Hither Green and known as Brindishe Green and Brindishe Manor School

All three schools work in close partnership with each other and share many links, ideas, values and beliefs. However each school has its own personality, community and staffing including its own headteacher. James Baguley is the headteacher at Brindishe Lee, Gerlinde Achenbach at Brindishe Green and Kate Porter at Brindishe Manor.

Brindishe Schools work together to serve a local and shared community of children and their families. Together our three schools provide Lewisham's children with a rich, creative and challenging primary education.

As Executive Head of Brindishe Schools I am proud to work with such vibrant, diverse and aspirational schools.

I hope that you will enjoy our websites and be encouraged to visit us and to join the Brindishe School community. We look forward to meeting you.

Rachel Waite
Executive Head

  • Home learning during current school closure

    Here is the link to our virtual learning platform, ‘Itslearning.’ This contains all the resources and links you will need to access your child’s learning during our school closure.

  • The latest 2019 independent report

    Relationships are exemplary…everyone strives for the absolute best for staff and pupils. Teaching is highly effective and promotes a love of learning. Pupils said, ‘The best thing about school is learning. Teachers are supportive: they boost confidence and always explain learning...

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