school direct

School Direct is a school-led path into teaching for graduates with three or more years' experience of working life.

We will work with the schools in our partnership (Brindishe Green, Brindishe Lee and Brindishe Manor) and John Ball and Torridon Junior Schools to offer places for the School Direct Programme for teacher training for September 2015. John Ball is the lead school for the programme this year. Altogether, we will be offering 6 places for training under the salaried route to teaching. We will do this in partnership with the Institute of Education in London.

If you are interested in applying to our schools for a School Direct place, we advise you to visit our schools, read through our websites, especially our newsletters and prospectus. This will enable you to tailor your application to the individual school. Although experience of working in a primary school is not essential when selecting candidates we will give preference to those whose experience of working in a school, or similar setting, have confirmed for them their ambition to become a teacher.

Please note we are not offering part-time places. Please also note that the salary rates are as advertised on the School Direct website.

The information you need at this stage will be on the School Direct ( or schools' websites. If you are interested in applying for a School Direct place at our schools, please email Michael Roach, Executive Headteacher at John Ball and Torridon Junior Schools and link person for our School Direct group ( who will provide you with information about our School Direct open days and can answer any further questions you may have.