Attendance & Punctuality

Parents have a legal responsibility to make sure their child is in school every day and arrives on time. Children who arrive late miss the sense of belonging that comes with being part of the routines at the start of the day. Children who are collected late are usually upset or disappointed so please try to be here on time at the end of the day and always let us know by phone or a message if you are running late.

If a child is absent please inform the school on the first day of absence. You will be asked to give a reason for their absence. We consider absences to be authorised if your child is sick or has a medical appointment. However absences for events such as birthdays or shopping trips will be recorded as unauthorised. The school keeps a record of absences and these are included in your child’s report. Unauthorised absence and persistent lateness will be reported to the Local Authority’s Attendance and Welfare Officer for their intervention and support.

In accordance with government guidelines, parents should not organise holidays or any other unauthorised absence during term time, as it disrupts a child’s learning. Children attend school  for only 190 days a year and the rest of the year is available for holidays. In very exceptional circumstances the headteacher may authorise a limited absence. Parents should request this in writing explaining why the absence can only take place in term time.Under current legislation parent/carers found guilty of taking their child on an unauthorised holiday or other unauthorised absence in term time could be subject to a fixed penalty fee. If a child is absent for more than 20 days without authorisation the child’s name will be removed from the register and their place given to another child.