Welcome parents, carers, staff & governors

This week at Brindishe Manor

Happy New Year to all and welcome to the new term, new year and new decade!

We are all very excited at Brindishe Manor about the term ahead and have already got started with a busy week. On Monday, Brindishe Manor staff joined with Brindishe Green and Brindishe Lee staff to spend time in curriculum teams, to look at future changes to the curriculum. 

We are having some decoration work completed in Central hall over the next few weeks. The children have been briefed about the work that is being completed. Currently Central hall is not in use. Choir will be held in the Year 6 classrooms and our assemblies are taking place in Manor Hall.

Also this week…Year 5 visited the Old Royal Naval Collage, in Greenwich, to look at Myths and Legends to support their learning on Ancient Greece this term. They had a very enjoyable time and all of the adults congratulated the children on their learning behaviour whilst in the Museum.

Year 4 visited the Horniman Museum to learn more about Climate change to support their learning for the term ahead. They had a fabulous day and have returned to school very passionate about what they have learnt.

Messages from the office… All clubs and music tuition start again next week. If you are unsure about any details of clubs please pop to the office and speak to Jen Munoz, or give them a call.

Applying for a reception class place for September 2020?

You can apply for up to six schools, whether in Lewisham or outside the borough. You list them in order of preference. The closing date is 15th January 2020. You can apply online at

Attendance of the week…

Key Stage 1 – Jasper 100%

Key Stage 2 -  Pearl 99%

Dates for your diary

  • Friday 17th January – Year 5 swimming begins at Glassmill Leisure Centre
  • Thursday 23rd January – Young Voices O2 Choir.
  • Friday 31st January – Emerald visit Lee Green Fire Station
  • Friday 7th February – Y3/4 Cinema Night
  • Friday 14th February – Valentine’s Cake Sale

With best wishes for the weekend

Kate Porter

Nursery - Welcome back after the break.  We were all very excited to see our friends and to share our holiday stories with each other.  We worked hard this week to turn our role play area into a fire station and also made a fire engine.  The children started to learn about People who Help Us and have been sharing what we already know about Firefighters.  We went over the sounds we have learnt last term to prepare ourselves for the new sounds we will be looking at in the weeks to come.  Well done to all the children who has been very brave coming into Nursery and saying good bye to their adults by the door. We are gradually working towards becoming more and more independent and preparing ourselves for Reception.  

Reception - We have had a fantastic week of learning.  Turquoise class have enjoyed learning a new technique in art called mono printing.  Emerald class have been exploring different ways to join materials together such as a split pin join.  We are revisiting our learning of individual letter sounds and tricky words such as 'the', 'to', 'go' and 'I'.  The children continue to explore number in different ways such as the use of numicon shapes, counting out a set number of objects and developing their knowledge of number in mathematical games.

Year 1 - Welcome back! We've had a great start to 2020 with the children getting stuck straight back into their learning. Well done to everyone for showing such a positive attitude as we've come back to school. This term, year one is exploring the world of toys! We will be looking at materials, and describing the properties of different materials and saying what they would be best suited for. In maths we are learning about shape and will use this knowledge to help design packaging for some of the toys in our toy museum and toy repair shop. We will be opening a toy repair role play shop next week and are keen to have any toys that are unwanted donated so the children can use them in the shop to enhance their learning. Please bring any clean toys you may wish to donate directly to your classroom. Thank you for your continued support. 

Year 2 - Year 2 have begun the new term full of energy and enthusiasm for their learning!  ​We have started our new topic - 'Africa' - by exploring the geography of the continent, constructing traditional mud huts in design and technology lessons and reading the first part of our new class book: 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'.  

We would like to invite any parents who have family in Africa and/or have travelled there themselves to come in and talk about their experiences of the continent - even a 5-10-minute Q&A at the end of the school day would be brilliant.  Please just speak to us at the classroom door - we'd love to include you in our learning!

Year 3 - Year 3 have had a great start to this term, all of the children have come back full of energy and are excited about the term ahead. This term, our topic is Ancient Egypt and this week we have found out where Egypt is. In maths, we have been multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We started by using Base Ten equipment to understand the concept and then moved on to using a formal written method. In English this week, Sapphire class have been identifying and explaining the features of a non-chronological report. Pearl class have been identifying the features of a diary entry. Our Science focus for this half term is Light, Dark and shadows and this week we have been identifying different sources and reflectors of light. 

Year 4 - It has been fantastic to see the children so eager to learn and showing such interest in the current issue of climate change. Our trip to the Horniman museum highlighted the children's passion for change and demonstrated their understanding on this matter, linking their knowledge gained from listening to inspirational people such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough. We would like to thank all parents who made the trip possible. 

In Topaz class, we have researched why glaciers are important to us and how climate change is affecting them, whilst in maths we have begun studying decimals and how these are related to fractions. Perhaps, you could spend time looking at money together at home as a way to make decimals less of an abstract concept.

In Amber class,​ we have carried out some initial research into climate change as well as found out where glaciers are located around the world and how scientists use these to support their understanding of global warming. In maths we are securing our written methods for division before moving onto exploring decimals. We would like to ask all the children to practise their times-tables at home up to 12 x 12 and to know the related division facts.

Year 5 - Year 5 visitied the Old Royal Naval Collage, in Greenwich, to look at Myths and Legends to support their learning on Ancient Greece this term. Both classes also completed their first week on Ancient Greece, learning about the Gods and some of the Myths prior to their visit. The children worked in mixed groups (across the two classes) researching and presenting their findings. Children can spend some time completing research of their own as we would love to share it in class.   

Year 6 - We've had a great start to the new term; children have come in settled and focused with a real commitment to their learning. 

Our new topic is 'Climate Challenge'. Today, we debated the motion "it is the responsibility of young people to take action against climate change." We challenged the children to think about arguments for the proposition and opposition which ended up in some very animated discussions, with the children proving to be extremely passionate.

It would be lovely if the children could complete some research at home, with you, on the causes and consequences of climate change.