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It’s all Greek to me…..

It has been another fun packed week at BM, as some of the year 5 and 6 girls represented Brindishe Manor at a local football tournament!  They did BM proud, winning two matches and drawing two!  A big thank you to Mr Green for training the children and taking everyone to the event and Mr Carroll for accompanying them.  Year 5 enjoyed an interactive Ancient Greek workshop where they learnt lots of exciting facts and figures about Ancient Greece. I hear the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Vitality Big Half is fast approaching…

As you may well know, our wonderful PSFA have obtained 38 community places to run the Big Half in March, raising money for Brindishe Manor. Brindishe Manor staff have been limbering up for the big day by putting in the miles!  They have experiencing a dry January and February!!  A big thank you to all concerned!  It is such a fantastic fund raising opportunity for the school so we would really appreciate your support!

Fantastic attendance this week!

Key stage 1: Amethyst – 98%

Key stage 2: Diamond– 98.7%

Our ‘top tip’ this week to support our parents and carers develop a greater awareness and understanding of the internet can be found out:

The common theme running through our ‘Online Safety Update’ this half term has been dialogue.  Nowhere is this better illustrated than in this article which recommends guidelines and screen time duration for your child.  By establishing mutually agreed guidelines around screen time, you will be helping to improve both trust and dialogue with your child.

First Aid update 

Office staff will now only be calling parents when a child has bumped their head with a visual mark. All children will still be seen by a first aider if they have bumped their head. If nothing is visible at the time of examination, they will still receive a bumped head sticker and be monitored and a form issued for parent/carer information.

A message from the English team…

At Brindishe Manor we will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March. To celebrate you can dress up as your favourite book character and bring in a story to share. The PSFA are hosting a Book Breakfast for us. Parents and Carers are invited to join us in school from 8.30am for juice and croissants. You will then be able to visit your child's class to share some stories until 9.15am. We will also be collecting donations on the gate for UNICEF. We look forward to seeing you then. 

As well as online safety, we are keen to maintain an awareness of community safety. We had a recent visit from the police saying that there had been criminal behaviour in the local area and that it is important to make sure that all parents/carers are walking home safely at the end of the school day.  Stay safe and look after each other.

Lunchtime fun…

We have recently purchased more lunchtime equipment for the children, which they are now actively using.  We have also trained a group of year 3 and 4 children to be playground buddies to support everyone at lunchtimes.  They have made a really positive start and a big thank you to Ms Doran for putting all this in place.

Thank you to all the parents who have offered to volunteer and support the school with building some resources for reception and year 1.  We will all be kept very busy during the month of March.  The following dates are already in the diary – 3rd and 24th March

Rights Respecting at Brindishe Manor

With half term now upon us I thought it appropriate to share the following

Article 31 (leisure, play and culture)

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and

artistic activities. 

I hope you enjoy your half term break and we look forward to seeing you safe and well on the 25th February.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend

James Baguley,

Deputy Head

Brindishe Manor

Dates for your diary:

15th February                                  Break for Half Term Holiday

27th February                                  Year 3 visit to the British museum

28th February                                  A Prehistoric object handling workshop. Year 3 – 6

28th February                                  Year 5 and 6 Football tournament

Week beginning March 4th            Year 6 school journey

12th March                                       Full Governors’ meeting at Brindishe Manor

            Please let us know if you would like to attend and we will arrange seating for you.

30th April                                       Open day for prospective parents

In class this week…

Each week we will continue to share with you what each year group has been focusing on in class and offer some ideas on how you can support your child over the coming week.


This half term, we would like to set you a challenge! Please help us to promote the importance of reading with your children. We would like you to find the most interesting, and quirky places to read and share stories. Take a picture and share it with us, we will then create a fantastic display to showcase our love for reading and stories for World Book day. Please send pictures to Have a lovely half term break. ​


This half term, we would like to set you a challenge! Please help us to promote the importance of reading with your children. We would like you to find the most interesting, and quirky places to read and share stories. Take a picture and share it with us, we will then create a fantastic display to showcase our love for reading and stories for World Book day. Please send pictures to Have a lovely half term break. ​

Year 1

In science this term, we have been focusing on materials. The children know how to recognise and identify different materials and place them into classifying groups. This week we have been learning about how materials change their properties e.g. the properties of a bar of chocolate can change from a solid into a liquid when melted. We will be continuing materials after the half term break. Why not carry out simple tests at home? Test different material properties and record your findings ready to share on the first week back – we would love to see pictures or homemade videos (this could be emailed to your class teacher). In Maths, we have learnt how to use positional language to describe where an object is. We worked in pairs with a set of cards, nine being blue and one being red. The children took turns to shuffle the cards and place them in a row. They counted the position of the red card from the left and the right. This helped them use the language (first, second, third…) in a fun interactive game. At home, please continue practising number knowledge 1-20. Revisit number bonds and one more/less from any given number. Next term we will be moving onto place value.

Year 2

Year 2 have been had an exciting week. Amethyst have been exploring a beautiful book by Jackie Morris called Tell me a Dragon. They have hunted for evidence of a dragon on the school grounds, written metaphors to describe their dragons and written a story all about them. Ruby Class have published their own Tinga Tinga Tales and have produced some exceptional artwork in the style of Martin Bulinya.

Some of our beans have grown into fabulous budding seedlings! We have decided to plant them in buckets outside over the half term to see if they will survive.

After half term, we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. Look out for a separate letter explaining what you could do over half term to prepare!

Year 3

This week in maths, Year 3 have been learning about equivalent fractions. We started with multiplying to find equivalent fractions, we then moved onto dividing to find equivalent fractions. The learning on Mymaths has been updated and includes some further learning about fractions. In Literacy this week, we have been describing contrasting settings, learning how to use inverted commas and we have also been writing our very own Ancient Egyptian myths. 

Year 4

It's been a busy half term for Year 4 and we've learnt so much! Our Vikings topic ignited the imaginations of all the children, and the thoughtful and descriptive writing that they produced is testament to this. After half term, we'll be finding out about some more 'Invaders and Settlers', namely the Saxons and the Romans. There's a lot to fit into just a few weeks, so over half term it would be good to do some preliminary research around what life was like during those times.  Much of what the children will be writing will be linked to our topic, and they'll be working towards producing a piece of creative writing inspired by Roman mythology. In maths, we will be focusing on lines and angles so being able to use a protractor accurately will be important. In science, we'll be looking at electricity and investigating circuits. Also, year 4 will be able to put the skills they learnt earlier this year to use by playing cricket, whilst yoga will be our focus for indoor PE. 

Year 5

Year 5 have had a great week.  We are incredibly grateful to Victoria who came in on Monday to run a Greek drama workshop.  The children learned three more myths and either had the opportunity to narrate the myth or to act them out.  We learnt about the effect of a Greek chorus and the children had the opportunity to use the technique when retelling their myth.

In maths, we have continued to look at decimals and have been solving two-step word problems.  A number of children have found this challenging and we have been really impressed by the resilience across the year group.

We are currently publishing our versions of Perseus and the Gorgon’s head.  The children have produced some amazing pieces of writing and we cannot wait to share these with you.

The children have been introduced to Hegarty Maths and taught how to log in.  We have set a task for the children to complete over the half term.  They will be able to leave messages for us on the site to let us know how they found the task.  Why not ask your child to show you? Please continue to practise the times tables over the half term and encourage your child to practise their spellings and handwriting.  

Year 6

This week, Year 6 have been creating their own repeating patterns based on the artwork by William Morris. We've focused on use of line and composition to create detailed drawings of natural objects. In maths, we have also been solving problems involving time. During half term, can you ask your child questions such as "What is the time?" or "How long until..?" to help them become more confident with this? This week, the children have also shown increasing resilience when completing practice reading assessment papers. We’ve focused on test techniques to help them understand how to answer different styles of questions. Last of all, we want to thank Year 6 for all their effort this half term and we hope they have a very well-deserved rest this half term break!

Dates for your diary

PFSA dates


Valentines Cake Sale - Friday 15th February


World Book Day (breakfast)- Thursday 7th March

Vitality Half Cake Sale - Friday 8th March

Red Nose Day - Friday 15th March

Movie Night KS1 - Friday 22nd March

Outdoor/Gardening Morning - Sunday 3rd March (1pm – 4pm) and Sunday 24th March

(1 pm – 4pm)


Easter Cake Sale - Friday 5th April


Coffee Morning - Friday 10th May

May 1/2 Term Ice Lolly and Cake Sale - Friday 24th May


World Food Night - Friday 14th June


Summer Fair - Sunday 7th July

Yr 6 leavers disco

PSFA Newsletter Friday 15th February 2019

Valentine’s Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who came along today to support the PSFA’s Valentine’s Cake Sale, both buyers and bakers. The cake sales are now a lovely tradition to say farewell before the breaks and raise some much-needed funds for our school!

Happy Outdoors Project

Join us on Sunday the 3rd of March (1 - 4 pm) on the school grounds for some painting, light DIY, potting and planting!

The idea is from one of our school’s brilliant teachers, Ms Kozysa, and the goal is to make the school’s outdoor area fun and bright and a lot greener!

There will be paints, pots and tyres and some refreshments and pastries – the recipe for a fun couple of hours with the kids!

Are you a professional gardener, carpenter or just awesome at all things? Please get in touch with ideas that we can take on board!

Vitality Big Half

This year for the 1st time we have 38 participants from Brindishe Manor running the Half Marathon to raise funds for our school. Please join us on the 10th of March to support the runners along the way.

Follow the link for details and to donate. Can your business match fund fundraising events? Please get in touch if so!

Have a lovely break!

The PSFA Team



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