Welcome parents, carers, staff & governors

This week at Brindishe Manor

Year 5 had a fantastic visit to the Planetarium and the Maritime Museum in Greenwich this week. They developed their knowledge around planets and galaxies and then visited the ‘Moon’ exhibition which is currently on at the Maritime Museum. Miss Couple and Mrs Campbell were very proud of the children, who asked some fantastic questions and showed such a keen interest in learning as much as they could whilst they were there!

Students from University College London came and worked with children in Y2 and Y3 today, supporting them to create their own origami. The children really enjoyed this workshop and have been inspired to go away and make some of their own. We would love to see what they make!

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AFRIL food collection …We have previously collected food items for a local charity called AFRIL- Action for refugees in Lewisham. We will therefore be collecting donations for the Helping Hands Foodbank from now until the end of term in Central hall! You may wish to donate items such as UHT milk, tinned goods, nappies, store cupboard items, biscuits etc. Please donate what you can to this excellent cause! The collecting box is in the office area so please give generously. Thank you!

If you would like more information on the work this charity does then please visit their website

Goodbye and good luck… We are saying goodbye to Asha Choudrhi on Tuesday 10th December and wishing her all the best with her move to Reading and her new job, working in children’s services. Asha has been supporting Reception this term, but has previously worked with many children from across the school. We hope that she comes back to visit when she can!

Allergies…We are an allergy-aware school. Please remember that we have children and staff with nut allergies at Brindishe Manor and we do our best to be a nut-free school. Please help us by making sure that children’s packed lunches do not contain nuts. It is worth noting that chocolate spreads do contain nuts and should be avoided. Thank you for your help in keeping all of our children and adults in school safe.

Fantastic attendance this week…

KS1 – Jasper 98.7%

KS2 – Quartz 98.6%

Winter Performances…

KS1 – This year each child in Y1/Y2 will be allocated 2 tickets. You may choose whether you use your 2 tickets for one performance date, or split them for one person to attend each one.

Moonstone & Onyx Monday 16th December - 9.30am
Amethyst & Jasper  Monday 16th December -2pm
Ruby & Jasper  Tuesday 17th December – 9:30am
Moonstone & Onyx Tuesday 17th december -2pm
Amethyst & Onyx Wedensday 18th December 9:30am
Ruby & Jasper  Wednesday 18th December 2pm

KS2 - performances are split into two groups

Tues 10th 9.30am

Weds 11th 2pm

  • Pearl
  • Topaz
  • Quartz
  • Diamond​

Tues 10th 2pm

Weds 11th 9.30am

  • Sapphire
  • Amber
  • Jet
  • Opal

Dates for your diary

  • Monday 2nd December – ongoing Food Bank collection to office
  • Friday 13th December  - Christmas Fair 3:15pm
  • Monday 9th- Friday 13th December – KS2 Winter performances
  • Thursday 12th December – EYFS Winter performance
  • Thursday 12th December – Christmas Dinner/ Dress Festive day
  • Thursday 12th December  - Full governing body meeting
  • Monday 16th Wednesday 18th December – KS1 Winter performances

Best wishes for the weekend

Kate Porter

Nursery: ​ The children have made lollipops, candy canes and gingerbread men decorations, and helped the adults to decorate the gingerbread house.  We also decorated the Christmas tree.  Thank you to all the children that are regularly reading their story books from the classroom reading corner.  Story books go home in their book bags on a daily basis to encourage children to read every day.  They can share what the story was about and say what they liked or didn't like to you.

The letter with the tickets to the Winter performance have been handed out to the children this week.  We look forward to seeing you in the audience on the 12th of December.

Reception: This week in Reception we have continued to do lots of lovely writing about all sorts of things such as volcanoes, gingerbread men and boats. We have been impressed with the way the children have been sounding out their words and trying hard to form their letters correctly. 

In phonics we have focused on the following sounds. Why not have a go at looking for words that start with these sounds? You could even have a go at writing some.

In maths, we have been ordering numbers, thinking about what is 1 more or 1 less. You can play games with this. For example, work in pairs. One person gets a set of objects e.g. 4 pencils. The other person has to count them then say what is one more or one less and explain how they know. 

Year 1: This week in Jasper class we have been busy with all things animals! We have been using view finders to enlarge pictures of different animal prints and recreating them using oil pastels. The artwork is absolutely fantastic, and the children have really taken their time to add specific details. Onyx class are writing their very own pirate stories, they are coming along fantastically. We have also created and decorated our own treasure chests. We have continued with subtraction, learning different strategies such as the counting backwards method. Try and play the game ‘Hit 0’ to practice counting backwards by starting form number 20 and taking it in turns to say either 1, 2 or 3 numbers and the first person to hit 0 wins!

We are also well into phase 4 phonics so please practice saying and writing these tricky words: said, have, like, so, do, some, come, little, one, were, out, what, when, there.

We are also in need of more junk for junk modelling, so if you have any spare items e.g. cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, tubes etc. then we would love to have them for out creative area.

Year 2:  This week, Year 2 have continued to work hard on our nativity performances.  We have concentrated on making sure we are facing the audience when saying our lines, trying to point our faces upwards so that the sound travels up and out, and reacting with our facial expressions to what the other actors say.  In class, we have begun work on our new class book, Sophie Scott Goes South - the story of a young girl who travels down to the Antarctic with her father on an icebreaker.  Next week, the children will be writing diary entries which tell the story of the voyage.At home, why not seek out some Youtube clips of icebreakers in action?  It will help the children visualise the boats when writing, and provide them with more language to help them explain their ideas.

Year 3: In Sapphire class this week we had a fantastic workshop where the children learned about the art of Origami. In English we have been deepening our understanding of verbs and adverbs and including them in our writing. Can you remember what the purpose of a verb is?

In English, Pearl class have been learning the purpose of coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences. We learned the acronym I SAW A WABUB to help us remember subordinating conjunctions. Can you remember what the acronym stands for? If so, can you make a poster to share in English next week?

Both Sapphire and Pearl have been learning their 4 and 6 times tables. We have been using concrete resources to represent our times tables in a range of ways. 

Please remember we are visiting the British Museum on Thursday 5th December. 

Year 4:  Another busy week for Year 4. In Topaz, we have been studying, in-depth, the characters from Macbeth, particularly focusing on the transformation of their personalities from the beginning to the end of the play. Next week, we will write up our monologues for Lady​ Macbeth. We have also been looking at different crime and punishments which existed in Tudor times during our topic work and linked this to our Unicef rights to understand how these rights protect us today. 

In Amber we have finished our monologues for Hamlet and will begin making comparisons with Macbeth in preparation for our performance next week. We have also been exploring some of the more unpleasant jobs from the Tudor times and the children are creating CVs for the job they would like and interviewed to see if they are suitable for the position. The children loved their Science workshop this week - we hope the lava lamps made it home safely. Everyone is looking forward to next week, as we are all very excited for our Macbeth performance. Hope to see you there!

Year 5: On Tuesday, both Year 5 classes had a wonderful trip to Greenwich as part of our space topic. First of all, we visited the planetarium where we had a tour through our solar system, finding out more about the other planets and galaxies, and what life on them would be like. Next, we visited the National Maritime Museum and got to enjoy their new Moon exhibition. During the visit, the children where able to ask really interesting questions and showed great enjoyment in finding out more about our universe.

This week in Year 5 we have learnt some vocabulary around the family in Spanish. We have created family trees and have begun to write short sentences describing an imaginary family of our choosing. Can your child tell you which family members they have in their alternative family tree? We have been working hard on our songs for the Christmas performance and are looking forward to performing them to you soon. The children have written first drafts of their discussion texts entitled, 'Should animals be used in space trials?' and have come up with some very strong reasons both for and against the use of animals in space trials. In Maths, we have continued to look at the relationship between fractions and division and have been working on simplifying fractions and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. ​

Year 6: Our biographies are almost ready to be published; we are really impressed with how well the children have engaged in the editing process, thinking carefully about how they can improve their work. We look forward to reading their final product. 

In outdoor PE, we have been focusing on how to read the game and working with their team mates to ensure success by utilising the space on the pitch. It's great everyone being involved and children supporting each other and moving their learning forward.

Please speak to your children about what they've been doing in maths and give them the opportunity to consolidate their learning by 'teaching' you.