Welcome parents, carers, staff & governors

Fire, Fire…

We have had another exciting week at Brindishe Manor!  The children in nursery have been firefighting! They have experienced a day in the life of a firefighter, learning how to put our fires. The children did such a great job, that the firefighters will be returning next week!! Year 6 have also been busy visiting the museum of London Docklands.  I hear they were a credit to the school and had a really fun day! A big thank you to the parents who helped out on the day.  Without your help, such educational visits cannot take place.  

And finally…

Pearl class became budding forensic scientists for the afternoon developing scientific and investigative skills.

Fantastic attendance this week!

Key stage 1: Ruby – 99% 
Key stage 2: Amber – 99%

Our ‘top tip’ this week to support our parents and carers develop a greater awareness and understanding of the internet can be found out:

This provides you with an insightful article explaining what a digital footprint is and how you and your child can create and maintain a positive image online.  You will also find a range of online safety articles which will support you and your child develop an open and honest conversation about the internet.

Spring term clubs and Music tuition

We still have spaces for clarinet tuition.  If your child is interested, please enquire at the office. We will also soon be attending a year 5 tri-school coding workshop at Brindishe Green on the 29th January. Mr Tiller will soon be on the lookout for talented coders in year 5!

Mobile phones

Could I please ask that you avoid using your mobile phone whilst dropping off and collecting your child each day. We do want to encourage all adults to engage as much as possible with their children at these crucial times.  Thank you.

Changing Weather…….

As the cold weather takes hold, please make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing to school. We suggest they wear layers that can be easily removed or added. All our children spend time outdoors every day, and do outdoor PE every week so it’s important that they have warm clothes for these activities. Please make sure you label your child’s clothing so it can be easily returned to them if it gets lost.

‘Meet the Teacher’ individual meetings

The ‘Arbor’ Parent Portal is open for ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings as of today. It will close at 6pm on the 7th February.  Please do log in to with your username and password to book a time to meet with your child’s class teacher.  We all look forward to seeing you at the meetings.


We have had an outbreak of head lice in a number of classes across the school.  Please check and treat your child’s hair in order to stop the lice spreading. 

Rights Respecting at Brindishe Manor

Every week in assemblies we look at a specific article from the UN convention of human rights.  This week we have been looking at…

Article 14 (freedom of thought, belief and religion)

Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights. Governments must respect the rights and responsibilities of parents to guide their child as they grow up.

Dates for your diary:

29th January Tri-School Coding workshop at Brindishe Green

Week beginning February 4th Meet the Teacher meetings

6th February Full Governors’ meeting at Brindishe Manor. Please let us know if you would like to attend and we will arrange seating for you.

15th February Break for Half Term Holiday

Week beginning March 4th  Year 6 school journey

12th March Full Governors’ meeting at Brindishe Manor.Please let us know if you would like to attend and we will arrange seating for you.

30th April Open day for prospective parents

Best wishes for a lovely weekend

James Baguley,

Deputy Head
Brindishe Manor

In class this week…

Each week we will continue to share with you what each year group has been focusing on in class and offer some ideas on how you can support your child over the coming week.

In Nursery…

This week the children have enjoyed taking part in a range of maths activities. In particular maths bingo, matching numerals with quantities, along with using interactive games to compare quantities. Have a go at playing bingo at home or identifying a range of numbers around your home. At the start of the week, the morning children were visited by the Lee Green fire brigade who brought a fire engine with them. The children enjoyed squirting the fire hose, trying on the equipment and having a look inside the fire engine. Hopefully they will return next Tuesday for the afternoon children. A quick reminder to please ensure that your child keeps their toys, jewellery and props at home, as we do not want them getting lost or damaged in Nursery. Thank you.

In Reception…

In Reception this week, we have really enjoyed building lots of interesting structures from the large construction blocks outside. Why not look for some interesting buildings when you are out and about this weekend? You could even have a go at making one of them at home! What resources might you use? In phonics this week, we have been using all the sounds we have learned so far to read and spell new words. Keep practising your letter formation at home saying the rhymes such as 'around the apple and down the leaf' to help you.

In Year 1…

We have been learning all about shapes in maths. The children knew a lot of the shapes and grouped them as circles, triangles, rectangles and squares. They also had lots of fun shape-hunting around the classroom for these shapes in everyday objects. Can they hunt for shapes when they are out and about? Can they describe the properties of different shapes? For example, “The table is square. It has 4 sides.”  Here’s a link to the shape song we have been singing in class.  The children have really enjoyed it.

This week in literacy, the children have been busy producing a creative piece of writing based on their adventures in a magic forest. This got the children thinking about planning and organising their wonderful ideas and translating them well in writing. We are all so impressed with the effort and perseverance they’ve shown in these excellent pieces of writing. Well done Year 1!

Please try and read a little bit every day — this could be picture books, magazines, shop signs, catalogues —anything your child will enjoy.

In Year 2…

We have started writing our versions of the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain this week. We have focused on using interesting vocabulary in our writing. In maths, Amethyst have been learning about fractions, dividing wholes into equal parts and Ruby Class have been learning about 3D shapes. We are learning about plants in science; we are going to be growing plants from seeds and bulbs in school. Perhaps you could do the same at home and record how fast and how tall they grow.

Thank you to everyone who has created and brought in a fact file to share with your class. We would love to see more learning about different African countries.‚Äč

In Year 3…

‚ÄčThis week in Maths, all the children worked incredibly hard, we started by multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using the column method. We then moved onto multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers with regrouping (434 x 4). In Literacy, we have been preparing to write our own instruction texts on 'How to mummify'. We started with identifying and using imperative verbs, we then moved onto identifying the features of an instruction text. We have also been learning how to use a range of adverbials to add detail to instructions. In science, we have been learning about the different parts of a human skeleton and about the functions of a skeleton.

In Year 4…

We have been focusing on fractions in maths. We can compare and order fractions, find equivalent fractions and add and subtract fractions! We are now also finding fractions of quantities. It would be good to practise this more at home; knowing your times tables and related division facts will, of course, help you to do this. Our new science topic is ‘The Digestive System’. This includes learning all about teeth, and we have looked carefully at our own teeth and identified the different types and their functions. At home, you could look at the food you have in your kitchen and consider which foods and drinks are good for your teeth and which are not so good. Make an eye-catching poster advising people on which foods are best for healthy teeth. You could also include a warning with a list of foods that could cause tooth decay. 

In Year 5…

Year 5 have been writing recounts of 'The Twelve Tasks of Heracles' this week in English. We discussed the use of different sentence openers and conjunctions, along with the use of interesting vocabulary to really engage the reader. The children came up with some great recounts! Why not ask your child to tell you about some of the tasks?  See if they can entice you to hear more from the vocabulary that they're using!

In maths, we have been multiplying decimals by tens, hundreds and thousands. Ask your child to show you how we do this using a place value chart. You can also ask them about the value of each digit depending on its place in the place value chart.

Both classes have been exploring our new science topic of forces and have begun looking at the use of levers as well as gravity. You could explore the effect of gravity on objects in your homes. Perhaps time how long it takes different objects to fall to the floor? How would you make this a fair test? We'd love to hear about any exploration you do about this!

In Year 6…

On Monday, both Year 6 classes visited the Museum of London Docklands to find out more about what life was like for people in London during the Victorian times. The children used the museum's artefacts to help them understand differences between this time period and modern day and were able to use their fantastic drama skills to create freeze frames depicting different Victorian characters. Thank you very much to all the parents who supported us during this visit

This week, we've also started our own character guides for our class book "Great Expectations", focusing on the key features of information texts, such as detailed description, and use of parenthesis and relative clauses to further explain. To support your child at home, you could explore the different ways the characters Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham have been depicted in films, other retellings and illustrations.